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King Arthur's Other Great Attractions

Whilst at King Arthur´s Labyrinth and with free all-day parking, why not make a day of it and enjoy the other attractions and activities at the same venue.

Corris Craft Centre - Home to 9 craft studios and the resident designer-makers. See work in progress, meet the designer-makers and buy from their unique range of products. Items hand made at the centre include traditional wooden toys, jewellery, pottery, leatherware, candles, designer cards and gift bags, glassware, rustic furniture and herbal lotions and remedies. You can also have a go at making your own crafts in many of the workshops. For more information, visit the Corris Craft Centre web site. 

Bards’ Quest - In ancient times, history was passed on by bards and storytellers. Bards’ Quest challenges you to search for lost and forgotten legends hidden along the paths of time and once found to enjoy the ancient tales. Get half price admission to Bards' Quest when also buying a ticket for King Arthur's Labyrinth. For more information, visit the Bards’ Quest page. 

Corris Mine Explorers - A rare opportunity to explore an abandoned Welsh slate mine with one of Wales’ most experienced mine explorers. During the trip you will find abandoned machinery, tools, candles and many other mining relics left behind by the miners when the slate mine closed in the early 1970s. A section of this old Braichgoch Slate Mine is occupied by the King Arthur’s Labyrinth adventure and during the mine exploration trips you can look down on the adventure; like a behind the scenes tour. Corris Mine Explorers is open all year and bookings should be made in advance of arrival. For more information, visit the Corris Mine Explorers web site. 

The Otherworld Theatre - Enjoy the mystery and magic of our short film, Rhiannon, in the recently opened Otherworld Theatre. Showing on a loop throughout the day, Rhiannon tells the tragic, yet courageous tale of a young woman taken from the anceint Welsh book of stories, "The Mabinogion". Rhiannon, worshipped by the Celts as the goddess of horses, became an important character in the celebrated tales. Our film, which uses impressive state of the art animation, tells the story of this beautiful and courageous legendary figure. Rhiannon gives birth to a baby boy but on May Day, the baby is snatched after somebody or something puts a spell on the maids guarding him. When the maids realise what has happened, they seek to protect themselves by convincing everyone that Rhiannon has killed the baby, a crime for which she is punished for many years to come in this story of mystery, magic and subterfuge... The Otherworld Theatre also houses a small exhibition and bookshop. The adjoining exhibition links the legend of King Arthur to these much loved stories. Did you know, for example, that one of the earliest references to the iconic figure of King Arthur was in "The Mabinogion". Prior to that, Arthur was mentioned in a famous 7th century poem called "Y Gododdin". Through materials like these, we can begin to piece together the myth of the man and follow his transition from celtic warlord to the international hero that he is today. The exhibition also looks deeper into Celtic history in a bid to understand the culture from which King Arthur emerged.